Party pics: Blank Canvas Pow Wow Fundraiser

Pow Wow supporters, celebrities and artists came out to the first Pow Wow Fundraiser Gala at the warehouse at 683 Auahi St. for a gala unlike any Kakaako has ever seen before on Saturday night. From food stations and a bar staffed by some of Honolulu’s talented gourmet chefs and mixologists to the warehouse itself, decorated all in white and air-conditioned with an innovative system, to the attendees, dressed all in white in support of the theme to the artists working inside and outside, the gala proved that there are great things afoot for Pow Wow 2013 and Honolulu’s artistic community.

Blank Canvas Pow Wow Fundraiser

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One highlight of the night was the huge mural of Marilyn Monroe, painted freehand on the wall in under seven minutes, by artists in in white hooded sweatshirts who revealed themselves at the end to be Pow Wow’s primary organizers. Here’s the video, sped up to half the time, of the artists at work!