Our Top 5: Whiskey-based cocktails

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pigandtheladyI prefer whiskey to any other liquor since it’s more suited to drink casually than other spirits. It’ll never be flavored with fruits or whipped cream — it’s much more serious than that — and you can take your time with it. Although I love beer, whiskey doesn’t fill you up and keep you pregnant with alcohol. It’s efficient and gets the job done.

What I drink outside of bars or restaurants is typically on rotation between various Jack Daniel’s drinks foremost, Jameson, Wild Turkey (if I want to try growing chest hairs), Johnny Walker Black Label and my favorite, The Macallan 12-year single malt. But while dining out, I’d rather try specialty whiskey-based drinks because they offer complex tastes.

I’ll like these cocktails if the whiskey is strong and not muddled, as it should be, and surprising pairings with other ingredients will determine whether I’d order it again. It’s nice to appreciate what creativity a bartender can bring to a drink because essentially it becomes a meal in itself. I’m no expert, but this is a start to a life-long engagement. Here are my favorites around town:

No. 1: La Notte ($10, Bevy)

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When I visited Bevy to take a photo of this cocktail, owner Christian Self made sure to stage the photo to highlight what went in to the drink, namely Bulleit Whiskey and Green Walnut liqueur. La Notte is light and somewhat sweet and nutty, with a hint of chocolate. There’s weight to each sip. And in such a cool environment, it's the drink to match.

661 Auahi St.
Tues.-Thurs., 4 p.m.-midnight; Fri.-Sat., 4 p.m.-2 a.m.
bevybar.com, Facebook.com/bevybar

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edmorita moderator

Whut? What about P+J's Sous Vide Business?


P&J use Ralph Lauren glasses. that's nice


Great read!  I like the La Notte as well. We should hit up MW one of these days, they have a number of nice whiskey cocktails on their menu.


Great read Joseph! Let's go grab a drink together some day!


A good whiskey makes the taste buds do the happy dance.  My current favorite this year is the #1 American Whiskey - Balcones.  Although you can't buy it in Hawaii, if you make a trip out to California you find it at Total Wines & Spirits.