Our Top 5: Loco moco

One of my all-time favorite foods is a classic loco moco. A juicy beef patty, fried egg and rich gravy over steaming white rice is a winning combination when I want a big, tasty meal.

Over the years, I’ve tried many loco mocos at eateries across the island. I prefer my eggs sunny-side so I can mix the runny egg into the gravy and rice. Mac salad is also a plus since the mayo and pepper add a nice creamy texture and hint of flavor. For my Top 5 picks, I only considered traditional loco mocos, leaving out gems like Zippy’s chili moco. These five are my favorites because they season their juicy beef patties and pack tons of flavor in the gravy, better than all the rest.

No. 5: Karen's Kitchen

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Karen's Kitchen's loco moco ($8.95) is the largest on my list, overflowing from its takeout container. When ordering, they ask your preferences, whether you want onions and how you like your eggs cooked. My answer is always "yes" to onions and sunny-side for the eggs. This loco moco is layered with a generous helping of rice, a thick and juicy beef patty and a tangy gravy before the eggs are plopped on top. Be sure to get a ton of napkins and expect a kanak attack soon after.

Karen's Kitchen
614 Cooke St.



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