Nonstop Summer Movie Preview

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The summer movie season has officially arrived with “Iron Man 3” blasting out of the gates with a huge $175 million opening weekend. Combine that with an additional $500 million in overseas box office, and it’s safe to say that film fans around the globe are hungry for visual candy on the screen and hot popcorn in their laps. As usual, this summer will be filled with sequels and comic book heroes, sometimes in the same film, but this is what we love about summer movies – large spectacle and special effects.

So here are the five films that I am most looking forward to seeing this summer.

#5 – The Hangover Part III

A lot of people griped that Part II was just a rehash of Part I, and those people were right. While still funny, Part II certainly left fans disappointed and feeling like they got robbed. But writer/director Todd Phillips has promised that the final adventure for the Wolfpack will bring some new surprises, and I can’t wait to see how he ends this trilogy. Plus, Ken Jeong is in it, so there’s no way it’ll be bad…right?


#4 – Fast & Furious 6

This film franchise is that rare exception where the films get better with each new edition. Director Justin Lin breathed new life into the franchise starting with “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and has evolved the series from films about street racing into an action franchise for the new century. I’m still blown away by the Super Bowl trailer.


#3 – This is the End

I’m a sucker for comedies and “This is the End” features some of the best comedic talent working today. Seth Rogan, James Franco, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson and more all star as themselves in this movie about the possible end of the world. Early word says that the trailer only shows clips from the first 20 minutes of the film and that there are many more suprises for audiences. Consider me intrigued.

Here’s the red band trailer for those who aren’t offended by the foul language


#2 – The Wolverine

The previous Wolverine film was a disappointment all around. Poor direction, misused characters and lackluster action turned Logan’s first solo jaunt into a plodding mess. But what gets me excited this time around is that “The Wolverine” will be telling Wolverine’s famous story from his time in Japan, which was featured in his mini-series created by comic book legends Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. I’m really excited to see the story of his love for Mariko as well as a battle with ninjas and the Silver Samurai.


#1 – Man of Steel

New films trying to redeem themselves for their previous editions seems to be a common factor in my Fab Five picks. Similar to “The Hangover Part III” and “The Wolverine,” “Man of Steel” comes after a disappointing edition in the film series. Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” in 2006 didn’t impress anyone, so Warner Bros. has decided to once again reboot the franchise with fresh creative talent. Director Zach Snyder (“300”) and producer Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight,” “Inception”) certainly bring a lot of visionary talent to the table, and after seeing the latest trailer, I just had the feeling that someone is finally getting the character right. I’m also looking forward to Michael Shannon’s performance as General Zod.


So what summer films are you most looking forward to seeing? Leave a comment and let me know.