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Unlike last year’s Oscars, most of the major categories are extremely difficult to accurately predict this year. After correctly predicting seven of eight winners out of the major categories last year, I am predicting some wild upsets this time around. The races are just that close. But I do know that the Academy will spread the Oscar love around again and that host Seth McFarlane will no doubt offend someone in the audience. Here’s a look at my predictions for this year’s ceremony.


Best Original Screenplay

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"Django Unchained"
"Moonrise Kingdom"
"Zero Dark Thirty"

"Moonrise Kingdom" was a nice little movie, but has gotten zero buzz during award season, so it has no chance of winning. The same goes for "Flight," which made alcohol addiction mesmerizing, but doesn't feature anything groundbreaking. "Amour" is a sweet story of an old French couple dealing with death, but is more of an actor's showcase than a writer's one.

That leaves "Django Unchained" and "Zero Dark Thirty." "Django" was the only film of the five that literally had me leaning forward in my seat so that I could catch every juicy bit of dialogue, but I'm afraid Academy voters may feel that it's just more of director Quentin Tarantino's trademark violence and revenge. So "Zero Dark Thirty" writer Mark Boal will win for putting together a taut and suspenseful thriller, and although it will be his second screenplay Oscar, it will be the first he really deserves (the other was for "The Hurt Locker").

Should win - "Django Unchained"
Will win - "Zero Dark Thirty"


MC:  Okay, 2 out of 8.  I agree that 0 Dark should have won something.  Just finished 2 books on it and the film is spot on for accuracy within the confines of unclassified material.  Best supporting actor I did not see it coming.  Even best actress.  Am glad that Pi took home a lot of is a beautiful film that most of America fails to appreciate.  I cannot believe Argo won considering that so much of it is not really how it happened and there was stretching of artistic license going on.  It is a good film but not Oscar quality in my mind.  Django winning original screen play, I scratch my head.  QT is quirky and fun but this is not literary/artistic stuff for the ages.  Don't feel bad, I did not do any better.


 @Annoddah_Dave Well, I actually scored 4 out of 8 for my predictions but I'm more glad that most of the picks I felt "Should Win" actually did! As I was watching the telecast last night, I was thrilled to first see Christoph Waltz win, then Quentin Tarantino and then finally Ang Lee. All three were surprises for me but the ones I felt really deserved to win.


And yes, Life of Pi is such a beautiful and deep film. I'm so glad it got the awards it did.


And I still don't get the love for Jennifer Lawrence. I find her line delivery to lack any kind of emotion except for screaming. Chastain really carried her film and should have won. Chastain could've played Lawrence's character from Silver Linings Playbook but there's no way Lawrence could've played Chastain's character from Zero Dark Thirty.