My War Against Weight – Episode 5: The Final Outcome

Goal: Lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks

Weight Lost Week 5: 2.8 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 8.5 pounds

jcMy personal challenge is now over and yes, and although I fell a bit short of my goal of losing 10 pounds, I can’t say that I’m unsatisfied with my results. Weight control has always been a battle for me and will probably be for the rest of my life. But if I can continue to bring the weight down, even gradually, I will always be in a better place than I was a few months prior and that’s enough for me.

Already in the past six months I’ve had to buy new clothes; I greatly improved my eating habits and although I haven’t been to the doctor yet to confirm my numbers, I feel better physically than I have in a really long time. Sure, my gut still resembles a keg more than a six-pack, but I can feel myself getting stronger and leaner. I’m consistently working out and have leaped over that hurdle where I dread going to the gym. I actually look forward to it now since I know the hard work is producing results.

Normally at the end of a personal challenge I’d express relief and look forward to returning to my gluttonous habits. But not this time. I’m hoping to maintain an overall lifestyle change and that means more of the same. Of course I miss my more than occasional late-night plate lunch runs and gorging on sweets, but I’ll still allow myself a treat every now and then. If I’ve eaten clean for a few days, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding myself with a chicken katsu plate lunch topped off with a cocoa puff. That’s life and life demands balance. Go too extreme in one direction and stuff just gets all out of whack.

goldengirlsThank you so much to all of you who’ve read my blogs and have commented and offered your support. It really did mean a lot to me and certainly helped motivate me to stay true to the goal. I hope that my experience can provide even a little bit of information or motivation for others who struggle with their weight like I do.

So yes, this battle may have been lost, but I’m still working toward victory in the War Against Weight.

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