My must-see TV this fall

The Fall TV season is (almost) in full swing, and there are many new shows hoping to draw your prime-time viewership. Here are reviews of the series and season premieres I’m planning to schedule some sit-on-my-butt-while-I-snack-and-drink time for.


gotham“Gotham” FOX 7 p.m.

“Gotham” takes place in the Batman universe and is FOX’s best hope for a much-needed prime-time hit. The only problem is, there’s no Batman. Bruce Wayne is still a child in “Gotham.” Instead, the show focuses on a young Jim Gordon and a seedy underworld of characters who will later become part of Batman’s rogues’s gallery. In the pilot, the audience is introduced to a young Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Penguin and Riddler. However, FOX is so desperate to remind you that the show is tied to the Batman lore that the introductions were hammer-you-over-the-head obvious.

I think viewers would have had more fun with the episode had it taken a subtler approach. Just hint at who these characters are; don’t shout them out. Still, I like the noirish atmosphere and will keep watching for now. Just take it easy on all the Batman stuff.

“The Big Bang Theory” CBS 7 p.m.

I hate Penny’s new hair. That is all.


flash“The Flash” The CW 7 p.m.

I actually waited to write this Fall TV preview so I could review “The Flash,” which premiered this week, and I’m glad I did. This was one of the most enjoyable premieres I’ve seen in a while. It has a light, humorous tone with some pretty cool special effects, and so far, all the actors are likable. I’m not that familiar with the Flash comic book universe, so I eagerly look forward to learning about the cast of characters and villains this season.

“Selfie” ABC 7 p.m.

It’s pretty rare to see an Asian-American lead on a TV show, so of course I had to check this one out. A modern-day remake of the classic tale “Pygmalion” and “My Fair Lady,” John Cho plays Henry Higgs, a marketing manager who takes on the task of rebranding Eliza (Karen Gillan), a woman so obsessed with social media and how many “likes” she can get that she fails at anyone liking her in real life. Sound familiar to anyone? There’s good chemistry between the two leads and even a little romantic touch. I’ll be tuning in.


goldbergs“The Goldbergs” ABC 7:30 p.m.

Now in its second season, “The Goldbergs” remains one of my favorite TV shows. It’s set during the ’80s (the best decade EVER), but it’s more than about just making pop culture references from that time. It’s more of a family show filled with fully flushed out characters, the most memorable being the overbearing mother Beverly, played by Wendi McLendon-Covey. Only two episodes in, Season 2 has already centered around mix tapes, roller skating and Ron Hextall’s famous hockey goal. This is must-watch TV.

“Black-ish” ABC 8:30 p.m.

“Black-ish” centers on a middle class black family so acclimated to white suburbia that they’ve forgotten how to be black. I’m really not sure who this show is for. The jokes primarily come from black people trying to act more “black,” but I don’t feel black audiences will find it funny, and it appears to merely promote the stereotypes white people already have of black people. The irony is that there’s a scene in the pilot where a black man is promoted to join an all-white management team, only to find out he’s the new VP of the new “urban” department. I feel like that’s exactly what went down in the ABC executive suite when they greenlit this show. I’ll pass.


“The Biggest Loser” NBC 7 p.m.

Another season of fatties getting fit. Someday, I hope to become one myself. Until then, I’ll just root for them on TV as I munch on some chips.

atoz“A to Z” NBC 8:30 p.m.

This is the story of how (A)ndrew met (Z)elda and how they fell in love. Aw, isn’t that sweet? The fact is, “A to Z” is a very saccharine romantic comedy, but I like it. The two leads are charismatic and cute and have good chemistry. This show is perfect for all of those who believe in destiny, love and serendipity. Clutch on to your significant others (or the nearest throw pillow) and prepare to say things like “Aww…” for 30 minutes every week.


tar“The Amazing Race” CBS 7 p.m.

Now in its 25th season, “The Amazing Race” remains one of my favorite TV shows. Eleven teams of two race around the world for a $1 million prize. This season is especially interesting due to the high number of minority racers. I was rooting for Dennis and Isabelle (the Cambodian/Vietnamese couple), but they’ve already been eliminated, so now I’ll be cheering on the un-ambiguously gay duo of Tim and Te Jay.

Saturdays and Sundays

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