Matt Bruening @ Milk & Honey

By Tyson Joines
Nonstop Fashion Writer

Hawaii fashion designer Matt Bruening debuted his Spring 2012 collection, “PVNCH,” on First Friday at the new Chinatown boutique Milk & Honey. For his collection, Bruening included an assortment of signature simple silhouettes, while branching out and incorporating bold pops of color and digital tribal prints.

I had a chance to chat with Bruening about his new collection, future plans, and his idea for the ideal “MB Girl.”

What drew you to Milk & Honey?

It’s a new boutique and I’ve worked with them prior. I thought it was a good location and good aesthetic for a downtown store.

What’s the inspiration behind your current collection?

There were two definitive themes behind this collection. It was a carry over from last summer’s collection “COAST.” It’s primarily inspired by Hawaii and what we do best here, which is enjoy the ocean and the land, where the tie dye, earthy tones and digital tribal prints came into play. “PVNCH” is a similar theme, where we bring back the same vibe, prints and colors — bringing back the love I have for pops of colors against neutral graphic prints with the signature Matt Bruening silhouette. The goal of this collection was to make it super wearable and I feel I’ve accomplished that.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

I would have to say all of them! If I had to choose, it would definitely be the kimono cardigans and denim clutches. Everything oversized and shapeless is signature Matt Bruening.

Who is the “MB Girl”? How would you describe her?

The MB girl is definitely a girl who takes risks. She’s confident, cultured and intelligent, just how I like my women. She’s up to date with current trends, and appreciates a variety of things in life, and likes to try everything once.

Where do you see fashion in Hawaii going over the next five years?

Fashion is accessible as it’s ever been, and I can see nothing but great things to start sprouting and flourishing here in Hawaii.

What’s next for you?

I’m planning to do another line, and I definitely want to seek a job in New York to gain more knowledge of the industry and to create a new path with new networks.

Photos by Dallas Nagata White