‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Olelo Ho`opa`i Make’

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I have just one word to describe my reaction to this episode. Love.

“Hawaii Five-0” took a break from the generic stories of rich people in Kahala killing each other over greed to give us a story that focused on the team. I knew I would enjoy this one when I saw the names of Korean-American actors, Will Yun Lee and Lindsay Price, joining regular KA cast members Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. Then there was the addition of local stars Jason Scott Lee and Brickwood Galuteria adding some homegrown flavor to the party. You throw in some righteous fight scenes and a prison riot, and you get one fine episode.

Here’s a look at The Good, The Bad and The Weird from what’s instantly become one of my favorite episodes of the series yet.

The Good

  • Real life brothers Daniel and William Baldwin playing brothers in the show is genius. When does Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) show up?
  • Memo to Kono. Never trust a man who closes the door on you when talking business. Remember the final scene of “The Godfather?”
  • Kono in cutoff shorts and riding roller skates? Some fan boys are still watching that scene on repeat.
  • Duran Duran cassette tapes. Who didn’t own a cassette of “Seven and the Ragged Tiger?” I must have listened to “The Reflex” like a thousand times.
  • Jason Scott Lee and Daniel Dae Kim in some great hand-to-hand fight scenes.
  • Speaking of JSL, loved his entrance in the laundry room. Made me think of him in “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.”
  • Sang Min. Every line of his is pure gold.
  • Why hello, Lindsay Price! I haven’t seen you since “90210.” I’m really hoping they bring her back as a regular to be Chin’s love interest.
  • Loved the Jimi Hendrix soundtrack. That scene where they’re riding the chopper and Hendrix is in the background was great. It reminded me of any number of Vietnam War movies.
  • Sang Min’s escape made me smile ear to ear. That guy is so sly. It had a slight Keyzer Soze feel to it.

The Bad

  • That Kamekona’s sunrise fusion shrimp breakfast burrito sounded really nasty.
  • Kono asking Fong to help her keep tabs on her boyfriend. Why don’t you just stab the poor guy in the heart while you’re at it? Didn’t you see his hurt eyes when you asked him that favor? And she even said they were “friends.” Sorry Fong, that’s the kiss of death. Hang in there buddy!
  • Um, weren’t there a lot of other innocent workers at the prison besides the cute nurse? Well I guess they were out of luck. No one bothered to save them.
  • Jason Scott Lee’s character Kaleo getting killed by Chin Ho. Please let Kaleo have a twin brother so that JSL can return.

The Weird

  • Why do us guys walk differently when we’re naked? Did you see Kono’s Yakuza boyfriend skip up the stairs like a little schoolboy? We would never do that if fully clothed. Maybe it’s the joy of the freedom from drawers that makes us happy. Or the fact that we’re giddy because we just had or are about to have sex.
  • Is Kamekona losing weight?
  • Who knew you could start a fire from a battery and a cigarette box wrapper? Like I said, Sang Min is the man!


Melissa808 moderator

Oh dang! I was watching the wrong episode online when I texted you.


MC:  Agree that this one was much tighter than most and the use of JSL and Will Yun Lee was spot on.  The only weird thing was landing the helicopter on the ground...I would have thought a fortress of a prison would have a rooftop strong enough to land on the building.  I did not care for the scene at Tripler...it was too obvious about the future connection with Chin, too cheesy for me.  Also, too cheesy was the breakfast burrito with shrimp and spam...who ruins shrimp by adding spam!  No, Alec should show up as Pete Schweddy from the SNL Christmas skit...my all time favorite AB feature!


 @Melissa808 Yeah, I haven't gotten around to the Monday episode yet. Will watch it soon.



 @Annoddah_Dave Yeah, I also think they could've brought back Leilani's character in a future ep without that scene at Tripler but the 5-0 writers always think they need to spell everything out for the viewers. LOL


 @MyongChoi  @Melissa808 MC:  Be prepared...you may not like this one.  After you see it, check out Wayne Harada's blog on SA.  I wrote something there as well.