‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Mohai’

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I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but “Hawaii Five-0” has become a show about crazy white folk killing each other in paradise. Sadly, the show has continued to lose its island identity and has become yet another routine police procedural, which CBS does to death, pun intended.

What made the show stand out and establish a strong fan base in the first season was the lengths writers took to make Hawaii not just a backdrop, but also a character in the show. References were made to local culture, food, language, folklore and most importantly, people. The “Hawaii” in the title actually meant something. Now, Hawaii is nothing more than a few overhead scenic shots and Kamekona as a punch line. The show has definitely lost its aloha, and I’m afraid, many local viewers along with it. Even the efforts made this season to incorporate local culture (Liliha Bakery coco puffs, surfer ceremonies) were retreads of past episodes, offering nothing new. I’m sincerely hoping that the show soon remembers where they are and respects this land, rather than simply use it.

Here’s this week’s look at The Good, The Bad and The Weird.

The Good

  • Ah, Halloween, the holiday when the garb of any respectable profession worn by a woman automatically turns into a “slutty” version of the uniform — slutty nurse, slutty policewoman, etc.
  • McG watching “Child’s Play.” I saw “Child’s Play” when I was in high school on a day that was the first time I ever watched two movies in the theater. My friends and I for whatever reason decided to do a double feature of “Child’s Play” and “Scrooged.”
  • Fong getting out of the lab and into the field. I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Yang who plays Fong a few weeks ago at Eat the Street. Terrific guy and I hope to see more of him in the future. Fongers crossed. (Those following him on Twitter @briflys will get that reference.)
  • “I think it’s pretty obvious what happened. Goat did it. Case closed.” – Danno

The Bad

  • They are really forcing Michelle Borth’s character into the storylines now. What? She’s picking up Danno’s daughter? Have they ever even met? If I was Gracie and she came to pick me up, I’d yell, “stranger!” and get the hell out of there.
  • That ex-con who just got out of prison had the worst version of the word “brah” ever, or, the best ever impression of Dog the Bounty Hunter.
  • Um, how about you get out of the house first before calling 911? Stupid vampire.
  • I thought serial killers were supposed to be smart. At least they are in the movies. Who turns a victim over so that his wound is on the ground and then drags them through the house? Oh yeah, if he hadn’t done that then 5-0 wouldn’t have been able to find the blood trail to his basement hideaway. So it’s the writers who aren’t too bright, not the killer.

The Weird

  • Why were there continuous thunder sound effects in the first scene, but not a drop of rain? Yes, I know that you can hear thunderclaps from dry areas but still, it didn’t make any sense to include it in the scene.
  • The killer playing “Tiny Bubbles” on the stereo before finishing the job. So first he tortures the victim, then kills him. Truly sick.
  • Psycho grandma was kind of a trip. So random.
  • Speaking of psycho grandma, this episode included just about every horror cliché out there. False scares by both cats and birds, crazy maternal figures, even a basement torture chamber. So you can see why I was disappointed that the killer didn’t suddenly jump to life and scream after being shot by 5-0 and presumed dead in the final scene. If you’re going to copy horror movies, you gotta go all the way!




Completely agree with your assessment. I had such high hopes for season 3 after the near-disaster of season 2. But, now, it seems to be more like "second verse, same as the first"...same mistakes, different players. The best thing left of this show is Chin, Kono and Charlie and we hardly see them. Wonder why that is?


MC:  Agree, agree...I believe that unless the writing is tightened up, this is the last season.


@AutumnGal Yeah, Chin and Kono are definitely taking a back seat so far this season. Hopefully that changes soon.


 @Annoddah_DaveWell, word is they're almost a lock for a 4th season due to syndication considerations. I'm nearing the end of my tolerance, however....