Fab Five Films: Football Movies

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After what seemed like an eternity, football season is finally here. College football has taken over Saturdays and the NFL has rendered Sundays virtually unproductive for most Americans as of last week. What better time to present my Fab Five Football Films. Football has long replaced baseball as America’s true pastime, so there were a lot of films to consider, but the following films represent the best of my personal criteria of story, football action and rewatchability.

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Honorable Mention

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Necessary Roughness / The Replacements / Little Giants / The Longest Yard

I'm automatically a fan of any film that features a rag tag group of underdogs facing terrible odds against a heavily favorited team. I call it the "Bad News Bears" formula. I can watch any of these four films over and over again and still feel that satisfaction of sticking it to the man each time.