Eat the Street Pro Bowl

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Football, food and fans converged at Friday’s Eat the Street, an official event for this year’s NFL Pro Bowl Week. Despite a little rain, a big crowd turned out for the fun and festivities, which included appearances by football legends Marcus Allen and Eric Dickerson, as well as a few team mascots.

As far as the food, lots of decadent eats were created for the occasion. The 50+ vendors each selected an NFL team as a source of inspiration, creating a dish synonymous with the team’s city.

Here’s a look at how it all went down:

Eat the Street Pro Bowl

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Eat the Street Pro Bowl happened in Kakaako Friday night, an official event of NFL Pro Bowl Week, meaning that not only was the scene all about 53 food trucks and street food vendors, it was also majorly about ...

—Photo by Melissa Chang

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there were lots of lunch wagon trucks, people, NFL related clothes, 1 police car and lights (like at a baseball stadium or "Friday Nights" high school football game in Texas). Huge crowd !