Droolworthy: The Wild Wanger at Wieners Gone Wild


The Wild Wanger, Bacon Edition

Wieners Gone Wild at Makers & Tasters Kewalo

When Kathy Sills said she had the biggest wiener on Oahu, I told her that I’d have to see it to believe it. Such a serious claim must be confirmed in person, and after lunch at Sills’ Wieners Gone Wild at Makers & Tasters, I can attest it is in fact the largest wang around.

Weighing in at half a pound of pure Angus beef and measuring over 13 inches long, the aptly named Wild Wanger makes girls and guys alike blush. Because it’s made to order, you can dress your wiener as you please or go with Sills’ specialties like the Bacon Edition with crispy bacon, sauteed onions and barbecue sauce or the Chilly Willy topped with what seems like an entire pot of chili and cheese.




The way the grilled hoagiesque bun holds up to the mountain of toppings is a testament to the engineering that goes into a wiener of this echelon. The Wild Wanger sports a nice char, yet maintains its juiciness throughout its entire length – because honestly, who likes a dry wiener?

And whoever said size doesn’t matter was never as generous as Sills. The Wild Wanger is easily shared among a trio of friends, making its $13 price tag easier to swallow.


If you’re flying solo, it’s worth noting that Wieners Gone Wild also offers less imposing beef sausages like the Bacon and Brie Wiener (brie-ner?) topped with guava marmalade.

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