Ed’s Top 3: Cyber Monday foodie gift ideas

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The madness of Black Friday behind us, we come now to my preferred shopping day, Cyber Monday, where people go online to look for deals. Here are my top three gift recommendations for the foodie in your life.


Hedley & Bennett aprons

The attentive foodie at this year’s Hawaii Food & Wine Festival would have noticed a number of local and visiting chefs wearing very nice aprons. The aprons with the telltale ampersand logo are from Hedley & Bennett.

Hosting chef Keith Paginag of The Modern was bedecked in leis.

Hosting chef Keith Paginag of The Modern was bedecked in leis.

Known for their sturdy fabrics (some styles are even available in denim), H&B aprons have become a standard kitchen accessory for chefs Mark Noguchi, Sheldon Simeon and Lee Anne Wong.

They can be pricey, but the quality makes them well worth it.



Cooking for Geeks

Released this fall, Jeff Potter’s book “Cooking for Geeks” is the perfect gift for any foodie interested in the science of how things work in the kitchen. Potter’s sense of humor helps to keep the science from getting too heady. Example: a chart of meat temperatures that includes a sixth category for meat cooked above 170ºF called “Shoe Sole.”

The book answers virtually any question a foodie may have for why we cook the way that we do. How to build a DIY sous vide circulator, how to describe smells, and how to make a 500-pound doughnut are just a few of the fun tidbits.

I’ve been slowly making my way through the copy I received from the publisher in October. It is a very entertaining read.


Zingerman’s Mail Order

Just last week, I came home to a surprise package from a friend.

Inside the pig-stamped box was a first shipment from Zingerman’s bacon mail order club. Anyone who sends me bacon is definitely a friend in my book.

Should cured porky goodness not be the way to your foodie’s heart, Zingerman’s has a myriad of other clubs, including artisan cheeses, vinegars, rare olive oils — or for the really adventurous, the ominous-sounding “Forbidden Foods Club.”