‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer reaction

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The new trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was launched last night and comic and film geeks are now spending a very productive day at work watching the trailer over and over again and lending their comments and reactions online. Coming a week after the exciting trailer for “Captain America: Civil War,” “Dawn of Justice” had a very high bar to meet in order to satisfy eagerly awaiting fans.

My general thoughts on the trailer is that it gives away way too much. I now feel like I know all three acts of the film — Superman and Batman meet, Superman and Batman fight, Superman and Batman make up and fight a common enemy. I’m sure there will still be a few surprises (I hope) in the film, but this trailer is much more “Terminator: Genisys” than “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in terms of giving key plot points away.

Here it is:

And here’s my breakdown:

0:14 – Clark Kent asks “Who’s that?” when seeing Bruce Wayne. Um, aren’t you a reporter? Shouldn’t you be familiar with one of the most famous and wealthy men in the country?

0:21 – Cue the cheesy music from a bad melodrama or horror film

0:44 – It’s so nice to live in a city where there is a gigantic statue of a man whose genitals are at eye level.

0:46 – The more I stick my jaw out and mumble the more rich and famous I appear.


0:54 – Only one rooftop in the flood has a “S” sign. So does that mean Supes only saves them? Forget the rest of you haters!

1:03 – Bruce Wayne tells Clark Kent he “has a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns.” Hello, kettle! I’m pot! You’re black!

1:10 – I love Jesse Eisenberg. I really do. But man, his Lex Luthor is one high pitched squeaky voiced punk.

1:25 – Directed by Zach Snyder. A man known for his subtlety. Not.

1:27 – Those soldiers aren’t really bowing in front of Supes as most think. They’re just passing out due to all that dust he flew into the air when he landed in that tunnel.

1:31 – Did Luthor just say “Power can be a placenta?”

1:48 – Looks like the heroes just laid waste to another entire city.

1:58 – Holy crap, I totally forgot about Lois Lane in this universe. Never was a fan of the Amy Adams casting and definitely don’t care for the way they’ve utilized her character thus far. She should be much more crucial to Superman’s story than she has been.

1:59 – Okay, that line by Luthor was pretty good.

2:07 – Oh no! Flying cockroaches! The B52 kine! Grab da zori and smash em!

2:14 – Whoa, hot babe. She the same one from “The Wolverine?” Could possibly be the first actor to cross over between Marvel and DC films.

2:18 – Zod’s dead, baby. Zod’s dead.

2:27 – Doomsday! Meh. Looks like Abomination from the last Hulk film. Why do I get a Venom from “Spiderman 3” vibe from this character?


2:43 – Wonder Woman!

2:45 – “She with you?” “I thought she was with you.” Har har!