(Pr)eview: Neon Dreams

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IMG_6060-2If you’re looking for something new, different, strange and just a bit blush-inducing, check out Neon Dreams, a striking black light theatrical production combining burlesque, dance, aerial and new media art that explores the nature of sexuality, love and power. The team behind the production — first-time playwright Lola Love and choreographer La Femme Rikita of Cherry Blossom Cabaret, costumers Rose and Carlyn Wolff (Manoa Valley Theater) and Maui’s black light burlesque troupe The UltraViolets — have created something beautiful and unusual that is reminiscent of a Vegas show, but far more intimate. The 3D-printed props and accessories courtesy creative collective/hackerspace Hi Capacity and visual images created by Aisis Chen of Hawaii Women in Filmmaking really help to grab attention and diversify the show.

The story of Neon Dreams is narrated by host La Femme Rikita, a self-proclaimed “sexual goddess” whose goal is to rule the Fourth Dimension, or the world of Neon Dreams, where anything sexual goes. As she works her way through teaching the audience the “ABCs of Sex,” she herself learns lessons of love, power and sex, and eventually comes to a transformative realization.

I had a chance to attend Thursday’s sold-out show, and was impressed by the diverse local talents showcased, with everything from contact improv dance to aerial to ballroom dancing represented, amongst the hot, and sometimes haunting, electronic dance numbers.

A word to the wise: Yes, this show is raunchy, inappropriate and rated R at times. Don’t bring the kids, and don’t go if you are easily offended by uncensored talk of sexuality.

 The ARTS at Marks Garage
Thursday, April 24 -Saturday, April 26 at 7 p.m., Sunday, April 27 at 6 p.m.
 $25 tickets for Sunday only available, VIP front row seating for 2, $60, available at eventbrite.com
18+ recommended

Here’s a sneak preview… but not enough to give away ALL the surprises waiting for you at this otherworldly show!

(Pr)eview: Neon Dreams

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Meet your host, La Femme Rikita, a self-proclaimed "sexual goddess" whose goal is to rule the Fourth Dimension, or the world of Neon Dreams, where anything and everything sexual goes. At times over the top, at times poignant, she'll guide the audience through the "ABCs of Sex," with a concept for each letter.