Party pics: Hawaiian Express 20th Anniversary Show

Few individuals have been as influential to the local punk/rock/alternative scene over the last 20 years as Jason Miller, who started Hawaiian Express/808 Shows in 1995 with the purpose of making local bands’ music available through live concerts and recordings.  

Hawaiian Express now has well over 100 local releases to date, and what more appropriate a way to celebrate its 20th anniversary than with a free, all-ages show at Hawaiian Brian’s? Saturday night’s show included some of Hawaii’s veteran punk and ska heavy-hitters as well as a couple fledgling bands with personal ties to the label. Generations rubbed shoulders (and got crazy in the moshpit) to local bands Random Weirdos, Shipwrecks, 82Fifty, Grapefruit, The Quintessentials, ANTI-MATTER, Go Jimmy Go, Black Square and Never Enough. In between sets, Jason passed out prizes: Shirts, hats, stickers, patches, buttons and more from historic Hawaii shows and local businesses.

Hawaiian Express 20th Anniversary Show

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Review: ‘A Slice of Danger’

In a Chinatown that never was, pizza establishments clash over shadowy secrets, and a jaded, somewhat bedraggled, down-on-his-luck detective searches for the truth, surrounded by dames in distress, sexy madames and a web of wacky characters who may just be the death of him …

Step into the world of “A Slice of Danger,” The ARTS at MARKS’ newest unconventional theater presentation, written by On the SPOT Improv’s Garrick Pakai and former Cherry Blossom Cabaret producer Miss Catwings, directed by Miss Catwings and sponsored, appropriately enough, by J.J. Dolan’s Pizza Pub.

Intriguing? Definitely. The film noir comedy (Miss Catwings’ first non-musical full-length production) follows a classic noir storyline, yet still manages to be original, whimsical and reminiscent of Honolulu’s Chinatown. The dialogue is quick on the draw with double entendres, but also includes a lot of authentic nods to 1920s lingo and some inside jokes that only Hawaii locals would get.

The only downside: When we went, there was no pizza in the building, although this show left us craving it. You’ll have to walk across the street to sponsor J.J. Dolan’s for a pie, or down and around the block to Proof Public House.

“A Slice of Danger”
March 19-22 and 26-29, 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 7 p.m. Sunday through March 29.
The ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Ave.
Cost: $25 ($20 presale)
Tickets available at:

A Slice of Danger
The audience is encouraged to dress in theme, and several people did on opening night.

A Slice of Danger
Meet Detective Kamuela “Call me Sam” Ho (Garrick Paikai), a down-on-his-luck detective with daddy issues whose primary motivation is getting to the bottom of a whiskey bottle. All that changes when his latest client walks in.

A Slice of Danger

As soon as Detective Ho sees Hope Romano (Kaitlin Souza), he knows she’s a dame in distress. Her father, who runs one of the town’s many warring pizza parlors, has had a tragic accident — or maybe it’s not so accidental — and been left comatose, dragged in the nick of time from his burning pizza parlor. What’s worse, his secret recipe has been stolen, she tells him. It MUST be one of the competing pizza parlors!

A Slice of Danger

Yep, you can just tell this bird is trouble.

A Slice of Danger

Cracking the case proves difficult, especially with Miss Romano’s… distractions present.

A Slice of Danger

The other actors are believable, but the real star of the show is Christina Uyeno, who plays a jaw-dropping four roles, including Detective Ho’s annoying secretary Alice and three of the pizza proprietors with a hilarious level of personality that really carries the show. Here she is in her second role as Ming Lee, the Chinese owner of Mama Mia’s.

A Slice of Danger
…And as Dee, the Madame of Double D’s, a shady pizza joint that’s a front for a brothel.

A Slice of Danger

Also shining in two roles is Amrita Mallik, who plays two male characters: Tony, the twitchy dishwasher and Louie, Tony’s sleazy, mustachio’ed businessman cousin and the leader of the Chinatown Pizza Merchant’s Association.

A Slice of Danger

Women! What are these dames hiding? It’s enough to stress any guy out!

A Slice of Danger

Tony, the paranoid dishwasher, has a good reason for being so jumpy.

A Slice of Danger

As matters come to a head, we find out who hired who, who betrayed who, and who was sleeping with people they weren’t supposed to.
We’re not going to give away either of the two endings, or who survives the tangled web of danger though. You’ll just have to find out for yourself!

A Slice of Danger
The cast takes a final bow.

A Slice of Danger

Here’s the cast and part of the house crew.

A Slice of Danger

Party pics: St. Patrick’s Day Block Party 2015

Thousands of Oahu residents and visitors from around the world got out their green for the huge annual St. Patrick’s Day block party, hosted by Murphy’s Grill & Bar in Chinatown. In addition to beer (both green and brown) and liquor tents, food booths, live music and DJs added to the festivities.

St. Patrick's Day Block Party 2015

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Photo by Tracy Chan

Party pics: KTUH Radiothon Kickoff

The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s student-run radio station, KTUH, celebrated the kickoff of its annual Radiothon fundraiser Saturday with a party at Anna O’Brien’s. Hosted by veteran KTUH DJs Mr. Nick, Ross Jackson and Nocturna, the night featured various musical genres spun by DJs Vina, Patrock, Sejika, Kno Kname, Righteous Rob and a special guest set by Chicago-based musician Ori Kawa of The Entals, with live music by local bluegrass/country band Discord and Rye.

A good crowd of students, musicians, DJs and music lovers from all over the island came out to dance and support the college radio station.
To make a pledge or find out more, visit

KTUH Radiothon Kickoff Party

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Photo by Tracy Chan