Eat the Street: Bacon

Eat the Street’s most popular theme ever returned for the last Eat the Street of the year, Eat the Street: BACON! Vendors got creative, with dishes like chocolate-covered bacon, bacon wrapped meat, bacon toppings, bacon cupcakes, candied bacon, bacon nachos and the simple classic bacon on a stick. Congratulations to the Townies food truck for winning this month’s #GrinderzChoice award for Best Bacon Dish, with their amazing BLT Katsu Dog, a katsu-breaded hot dog with lettuce topped with a slice of bacon and tangy tomato chunks.

Eat the Street Bacon

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Eat the Street Bacon

Photos by Tracy Chan and Grant Shindo

Party pics: Kaskade @ Turtle Bay

Grammy-nominated Chicago electronic dance music DJ Kaskade headlined a concert Saturday evening at a new outdoor event space at Turtle Bay, supported by DJs Graves, Phantom Funk and Ramyt. The enthusiastic crowd really got into the vibe of the headliner’s set, helped by the beautiful lighting and smoke effects.

Kaskade — who has played at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival and other big music festivals — is known for numerous house music hits to his name, including “Steppin’ Out,” “Sweet Love,” “Move for Me” (with deadmau5), “Dynasty” and “Only You” (with Tiësto).

Photos by Peter Chiapperino


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Party pics: Mods Vs. Rockers First Friday

As a tribute to world-famous tattoo artist Sailor Jerry, Jet Setter Productions organized a special themed First Friday for November, with vintage scooters, motorcycles, beautiful vintage cars (even a Delorean!), rockabilly, pin-up and ’60s mod fashion, tattoo specials at Chinatown shops Black Cat and Old Ironside, and the Miss Hawaii Pin-Up Contest at NextDoor. Most of the happenings were centered around Smith and Hotel Streets, where Sailor Jerry used to have his shop.

The Miss Hawaii Pin-Up Contest brought over a dozen beautiful ladies, done up in vintage pin-up style, to the stage for a $1000 cash prize pageant. Congratulations, Lady J, on becoming the new Miss Hawaii Pin-Up 2014!

Mods Vs. Rockers First Friday

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Mods Vs. Rockers First Friday

Something new: Proof Public House

Mercury announced the ownership change on social media at the end of October.

Mercury announced the ownership change on social media at the end of October.

Chinatown neighborhood watering hole The Mercury Bar has changed owners again, this time without much fanfare. As a longtime regular who considered Mercury my home away from home, I was concerned until I heard that the new owners were Josh Hancock and Serena Hashimoto of Downbeat Diner and Lounge, and that they plan to relaunch as a pizza pub called Proof Public House.

As nightlife and Chinatown scene veterans, they were approached by the former owners of Mercury Bar — Anthony Karl of RaKuen Lounge and Andrew Bugreyev, who, prior to Karl, owned a majority interest in the bar and actively managed it until last September.

“We have so much love and so many wonderful memories of the space that there was no way we could say no,” Hashimoto says.

proof public houseThey now join the ranks of young Chinatown business owners who have been expanding beyond their initial investments, including Manifest owner Brandon Reid, who bought the former Lotus nightclub next door to his space, and partners Dusty Grable and Jesse Cruz, who recently expanded Lucky Belly across the street to launch Livestock Tavern.

Mercury, which opened in 2003, has been a favorite college spot for HPU students and the place to catch Cherry Blossom Cabaret shows, indie rock DJs and artists, mods, hipsters, rockers, punks and roller derby girls. The small bar at the end of Chaplain Lane has seen a lot of excitement in Chinatown, and promises to be even better in its next incarnation as a pizza pub.

josh downbeat lounge

Josh Hancock and his partner Serena, veterans of the local music and bar scene, run Downbeat Diner and Lounge on Hotel Street.

So what’s the story behind the new name? “Proof Public House” is somewhat of a tongue-twister, but Hashimoto explained the logic behind it. “The name, ‘Proof’ actually comes from our pizza guy,” she says. “You proof dough, and then there is the saying that the proof is in the pie (pizza pie). Our motto, ‘Truth, Strength, Change’ refers to the different types of proof; evidence, measurement (alcohol) and fermentation (yeast).”

And yes, they have given thought to the fact that JJ Dolan’s serves pizza right around the corner.
“Jay and Danny are good friends of ours, and we love JJ’s pizza, so we definitely want to provide something different,” Hashimoto said. “We are going to focus more on a larger variety of pizza by the slice and pizza with unusual toppings.”

The new pub is scheduled to open sometime in December.

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HFM Your Dapper Launch Party

Guests at Aston Waikiki’s Coconut Club got dapper on Sunday evening for the launch of Your Dapper, a new “dudeswear” line of custom, handmade bowties for the discriminating gentleman. An official Hawaii Fashion Month event, the party showcased the bowties with an unconventional fashion show: Instead of a runway, models sat around a table playing scripted poker. Y

Two of three founders of Your Dapper, Brent Nakano (based in Honolulu) and Katherine Chinn (based in Los Angeles), were present; the third partner, John DeCosta (based in New York), was unable to attend, but called in at one point in the evening.

Katherine Chinn, head of Your Dapper’s creative aspects and events (her official title is “Her Royal Dapperness”), selects the fabric and sews the bowties from Los Angeles. She’s a costume designer who attended LA’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

“We have a really great team, and people with diverse skills, and that’s why we’ve been able to do something like this for our first show,” she said. “Teaming up with Hawaii Fashion month has been amazing. They’ve helped us so much with reaching a broader audience. Right now our team is very small, and we also all have full-time jobs, so we do this when we can. But we’ve always known that this was going to get bigger, and now we’re starting to reach out for help as there’s more demand.” Y

The event also featured cocktails by local masters, including Christian Self of Bevy and Dave Newman of Pint & Jigger, plus food by Jamal Lahiani of Tropics Taphouse (cute bowtie pasta), Robert McGee (cocktail weenies in a bao bun) and an amazing opah sashimi with fresh herbs and fried nori nacho by Jeremy Shigekane.

Your Dapper Launch Party

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Your Dapper Launch Party