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Nonstop Honolulu doesn’t have a central office or actually any shared work space. We all work independently in our homes, and although it would be nice to have a Nonstop Honolulu newsroom some day, we don’t really need it. With so much high-tech and mobile equipment available, we can easily produce content and operate our website without lacking anything.

Our mode of operation has been to utilize whatever technology emerges that facilitates our work (and that we can afford). As far as communication, there’s no loss of that. We “talk” throughout the day (and night) through countless e-mails and texts, and we meet regularly, usually at my house, for working pau hana potlucks.

Since we don’t have a main office that you can come visit, I thought I’d show you our personal work spaces and what equipment we rely on to bring you Nonstop.

Catherine Toth

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"I tend to do a lot of my writing in two places: at a large wooden desk in my living room, overlooking fruit trees (out the window) or in bed, propped up with pillows and watching 'The Colbert Report,'" Cat said.

Equipment: MacBook, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, Canon PowerShot S95, (just bought this) HP Photosmart Premium Bundle Edition (printer, scanner, copier), iPhone 4, old-school dictionary and thesaurus, Diet Coke and steno notebooks.

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