Who’s coming: Eat the Street It’s a Luau

Eat the Street is celebrating its first birthday this month with a baby luau-themed event. So if you like Hawaiian food, you won’t want to miss Friday’s food fest.

Forty one food trucks and street food vendors are participating in this month’s gathering, which again takes place at 805 Ala Moana Boulevard (next to the Acura dealership) in Kakaako. Five new food vendors are joining the ETS mix, including Cheeseburgerland, Falafel King, Five-0 Ribs, Kettle Corn Hawaii and Leonard’s Malasadas.

What a year it’s been for Eat the Street, which we’ve seen evolve and blossom into one of Honolulu’s most popular monthly social and eating gatherings. See you there!


When: Friday, Jan. 27 from 4-9 p.m.
Admission: Free admission
Parking: $2 for parking in lot across the venue (parking meter on ewa side of lot; park in marked stalls). Parking also available on the streets in Kakaako. (Click on parking image for full view of map.)

Here’s the lineup:

Aloha Ice Cream Tricycle

Contact: 808-286-4699; @AlohaTricycle (Twitter); alohatricycle.com

On the menu: Haupia Pop; Pina Colada Pop; Pineapple Li-Hing Pop

Malama Card discount: Buy two Aloha Pops and get a third for $1


Baja Style Mexican Food

Contact: 808-291-2096; @bajastylehi (Twitter)

On the menu: Seafood Papilote; Kalua Pig Tamales; Kiawe-Smoked Chicken

Malama Card discount: With $20 purchase, get a $5 off coupon for our Kapaa Quarry Road, Kailua lunchwagon location


Beyond Burgers

Contact: beyondburgers@gmail.com; Beyond Burgers Honolulu on Facebook

On the menu: Kalua-style pork slider; slider burger; bacon-wrapped hotdog; homemade strawberry lemonade; homemade watermelon lemonade; iced tea

Malama Card discount: $1 off drinks. Limit three per card



Contact: 808-591-7711; Bobalicious Boba Drinks on Facebook

On the menu: Boba Drinks (Li Hing Pineapple, Honeydew, Strawberry and Passion Orange); Baked Ins — hot dog, Portuguese sausage and kalua pig

Malama Card discount: Buy any menu item, receive the second for half price


Braddah’s Wagon

Contact: Braddahs Wagon on Facebook

On the menu: Trio Poke Bowl served with chirashi rice; pipikaula carpaccio; squid luau bisque; Hawaiian Combo

Malama Card discount: Purchase a plate, get a free drink


Cheeseburgerland (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: cheeseburgerland.com

On the menu: Kalua Pig Sandwich; Mini Kalua Pig Plate; Kalua Pig Cheeseburger; Mini Boneless Pipikaula Beef Plate (all plates include a canned beverage); Side Order Sweet Potato Fries

Malama Card discount: $1 off any entree


Chicago Eatz

Contact: 808-482-0493; @ChicagoEatz (Twitter); Chicago Eatz on Facebook

On the menu: Vienna Italian Beef Rice Bowl (mild or spicy); Vienna Fire Polish (1, 2 or 3 alarm); 3 for $7 Bento Box (Kronos Brand Gyro, Vienna Mini-Pup and Vienna Italian Beef) 

Malama Card discount: Free drink with any purchase


Cooking Fresh For You

Contact: 808-594-8224; cookingfreshforyou.com

On the menu: Kalua Pork Enchilada topped with wasabi-infused Greek yogurt cream and lomi salmon (served with a side of fresh cut pineapple wedges)

Malama Card discount: Free drink with purchase over $5


Da Falafel King (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 808-223-7899; dafalafelking.com; Da Falafel King on Facebook

On the menu: Luau Pita Chips; Falafel Sandwich; Shawarma

Malama Card discount: $1 off Luau Pita Chips


Elena’s Home of Finest Filipino Foods

Contact: Elena’s Restaurant in Waipahu 808-676-8005; www.ElenasRestaurant.com; @ElenasFilipino (Twitter), Elenas Restaurant on Facebook

On the menu: Pork Adobo Fried Rice Omelet; Lechon Special; Shanghai Lumpia Luau Dish; Chicken Long Rice

Malama Card discount: Free 8-ounce bowl of chicken long rice



Contact: www.fairycakeshawaii.com; @fairycakes808 (Twitter)

On the menu: Whoopie pies; Monster Brownies; Lemon Bars; Pineapple Upside Down Cake; Kulolo

Malama Card discount: Buy five Whoopie pies, get one free


Five-O Ribs (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 808-228-9188; www.FiveORibs.com; Five-O Hawaiian Style Smoked Ribs on Facebook

On the menu: Rib plate; brisket plate; brisket sliders

Malama Card discount: Free soda with the purchase of a plate


Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

Contact: 808-391-3835; @friedmusubiHI (Twitter), Hawaii’s Fried Musubi on Facebook; see Catherine Toth’s blog about Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

On the menu: Fried Spicy Bomb Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken combo; Fried Hawaiian-Style Ahi Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; Fried Hawaiian-Style Ahi Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; variety of fried desserts

Malama Card discount: Buy two specialty drinks, get one free


Hula Shrimp Co.

Contact: Hulashrimp@yahoo.com

On the menu: Guava chicken; Pulehu steak; Kahuku shrimp

Malama Card discount: TBD


Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Contact: 808-375-1200; infernospizzahawaii.com; @infernopizzahi (Twitter)

On the menu: Guava-smoked pork slice; and truffle cheese slice

Malama Card discount: Buy three slices of pizza, get a free drink


Island Sandwich Creations

Contact: 808-636-0667

On the menu: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


Jawaiian Irie Jerk

Contact: 808-388-2916

On the menu: Jerk chicken; pork & fish escovitch; Ital Stew

Malama Card discount: 10 percent off any purchase of $10 or more



Contact: 808-256-KAVA; kavaboy.com

On the menu: Kava drinks; flavored kava drinks (piña colada, white chocolate, hazelnut, etc.); kava brownies

Malama Card discount: Buy two flavored kava drinks, get the third drink free


Kettle Corn Hawaii (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 808-306-2444; kettlecornhawaii.com; Kettle Corn Hawaii on Facebook

On the menu: Kettle corn (pineapple and/or passion fruit popcorn)

Malama Card discount: $1 off a purchase of $10 or more


Koi Catering & Takeout

Contact: 808-845-4564; 2028 Dillingham Blvd. (formerly Pu’uwainani’s Plate Lunches)

On the menu: Pulehu Steak; Smoked Chicken Leg with caramelized onions; Fried Butterfish; Macadamia Nut Monchon; Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Malama Card discount: Buy three plates, get a free dessert


Korean Fresh Grill

Contact: 310-849-9311; @KFreshGrill (Twitter); Korean Fresh Grill on Facebook

On the menu: Korean BBQ tacos; burritos, cilantro-lime rice plates; sliders (all with choice of Korean BBQ steak, BBQ chicken or grilled fish)

Malama Card discount: Two-for-the-price-of-one slider certificate


Le Crepe Cafe

Contact: 808-988-8400; www.lecrepecafe.com; @lecrepecafe (Twitter); Le Crepe Cafe Hawaii on Facebook

On the menu: Romeo and Juliette (strawberries, bananas and nutella); Oh La Luau (butter, bananas, shredded coconut and pineapple); Da Kine (mozzarella cheese, sausage, pineapple and bell peppers)

Malama Card discount: Buy two crepes, get the third at half off


Leonard’s Malasadas (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 808-737-5591; leonardshawaii.com; Leonard’s Bakery on Facebook

On the menu: Haupia, pineapple and original malasadas

Malama Card discount: $1 off a purchase of a dozen malasadas or more of any type. Maximum one offer per customer/transaction


Liquid Pleasure

Contact: 808-780-9288 or email streetgrindz@gmail.com

On the menu: Wildbee Smoothie; Caramel Frapp; Li-Hing Pleasure

Malama Card discount: 50 cents off any drink on menu


Local STOP

Contact: @localstop (Twitter); Local Stop on Facebook

On the menu: Malasada burgers (King Kamehameha, Local Stop, Try Wait); Kalua Pig Nachos; Poi Bee Stew

Malama Card discount: $1 off malasada burgers


Lox of Bagels

Contact: 111 Sand Island Access Road; 808-845-2855; bagelshawaii.com

On the menu: Hawaiian Delight (bagel sandwich with ham, pineapple, cream cheese and the works); Manhattan Delight (bagel sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and the works); Chicken Delight (bagel sandwich with our signature chicken salad and the works)

Malama Card discount: With purchase of two or more sandwiches, get a free bagel puff


Luscious Desserts

Contact: 808-371-0802; luscioussweets@hawaii.rr.com

On the menu: Lilikoi haupia pie bars; chocolate mud pie with coffee cinnamon cream; apple spice cake pie (twist on turducken-apple pie in spice cake with cream cheese frosting)

Malama Card discount: Buy three or more goodies, get a $1 off


Momo Burger

Contact: 808-772-1074; momoburgerhi.com; Momo Burger on Facebook

On the menu: Bacon burger; mushroom burger; teri burger; sweet potato fries; luau punch

Malama Card discount: Buy a burger and fries, get a $1 off drink


Na ‘Ono

Contact: 808-690-2705; Na Ono on Facebook

On the menu: Fresh roasted Kahuku corn with our specialty butters and seasonings; Squid Luau; Seafood Stew

Malama Card discount: Buy three roasted corn for $10



Contact: 808-354-2949; www.onopops.com; @OnoPops (Twitter); OnoPops on Facebook

On the menu: Onopops in various flavors, including Kulolo, Almond Float and Rangpur Lime Mojito

Malama Card discount: 50 cents off any Onopop


Paul’s Poppers

Contact: 808-351-7583; Paul’s Poppers on Facebook; paulspoppers.com

On the menu: Turkey Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Pupu Popper; Spinach and Artichoke Pupu Popper; Bacon Macaroni Cheese Pupu Popper, Lomi Tomato Pupu Popper

Malama Card discount: Buy two half orders for $9


Puffettes Egg Puff

Contact: eggpuff@rocketmail.com; Puffettes Egg Puff on Facebook

On the menu: Original egg puff made with brown sugar; chocolate egg puff

Malama Card discount: Buy two puffettes, get a free soda


Shogunai Tacos

Contact: shogunaitacos.com; @Shogunai_Tacos (Twitter); Shogunai Tacos on Facebook

On the menu: Osaka by the Beach (Hawaiian-themed item); South of the Border; Shogunai Nachos

Malama Card discount: Free drink with purchase of a combo


Simply Ono

Contact: 808-728-0441

On the menu: Kalua Pig; Spicy Ahi Poke Bowl; Sampler Plate (dried aku, kalua pig); Smoked Meat with Onions Combo Plate; warm bread pudding with creamy vanilla sauce

Malama Card discount: Free haupia


Soul Patrol

Contact: 808-735-7685; pacificsoulhawaii.com; @pacificsoul (Twitter); Soul Patrol on Facebook

On the menu: Hawaiian “Soul” Plate (Soul chicken in hamakua mushroom gravy, one scoop Mac and cheese, two-scoop hapa rice; Chicken, sweet potato, Portugese sausage gumbo; Sassy BBQ Fried Chicken

Malama Card discount: Free Southern sweet iced tea


Street Frites

Contact: TBD

On the menu: Luau Frites (french fries deep fried with Kailua pig, served with a creamy lomi salmon dipping sauce)

Malama Card discount: $1 off fry cones (regular price is $5)


Tats Shaved Ice

Contact: 808-221-7525; @TatsShavedIce (Twitter); whereistats@gmail.com

On the menu: Shaved ice related items; soda floats; drinks; haupia-flavored shaved ice

Malama Card discount: Buy one, get the second one free (limited to one free per card)


The Curb

Contact: The Curb on Facebook

On the menu: Oxymoron Chocolate (frozen hot chocolate); Guava Tea Lemonade (black tea infused with lavender); Luau Super Smoothie (pineapple, papaya and banana blended with other fresh ingredients)

Malama Card discount: Free upgrade to larger size


Tiki Truck

Contact: @tikitruck (Twitter); Tiki Truck on Facebook; see Mari Taketa’s look at Tiki Truck

On the menu: Twisted Gyro, Bahn Gyro, Tacos (with choice of filling, Chicken Adobo, Pulehu Steak, Grilled Thai Pork)

Malama Card special: Spend $10 and get half off a drink



Contact: 808-454-7954

On the menu: Luau Poi Boy Sliders; Dinosaur Bone; Steak & Lobster; Lobster Club Sandwiches

Malama Card discount: Purchase $10 or more, receive a free beverage.


Xtreme Tacos

Contact: 808-954-5477; www.xtremetacos.com; @xtremetacos (Twitter); Xtremetacos on Facebook

On the menu: Sampler Plate; Fried Burrito; Quesadilla; Grilled Lomi Salmon Taco

Malama Card discount: 5 percent off food bill


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