Eat the Street Dia de los Muertos: New eats

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This month’s Latin-themed Eat the Street featured six new vendors, representing foods from around the globe. From Kohnotori’s yakitori to Pirogi’s Ukrainian sweet and savory pies, the evening offered an impressive variety of new eats. Add to this dramatic costumes (in honor of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead) and for the first time, a beer tent, and you’ve got yourself a killer night.

Melissa Chang stopped by three of the debuting trucks—Kohnotori, Luibuenos and Bentos, Mochi and Delectables, while Diane Seo sampled dishes at Firehouse, Pirogi and Subpreme to offer mini reviews of the newbies on board.

Kohnotori, Luibuenos, Bentos, Mochi and Delectables

Eat the Street: October

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New to Eat the Street this month: Kohnotori, known for their meals-on-a-stick (three for $5). The fresh shiitake was tender, with mild flavor. The chicken was just chicken — no surprises, but not a bad option for the kids. The arabiki sausage had nice flavor, but it wasn't crunchy; we'd still eat it again, though, just to enjoy the taste.


Firehouse, Pirogi, Subpreme


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A plain truck with an interesting name. Not sure what to expect from this...


Gonna have to try that Pirogi truck next time I'm in Hawai'i.  BTW, how bummed am I that next month is Eat The Street: Lu'au!


I was on Auahi Street by Mr. Ink, Ox Deli and the Scores Bar ! I should have walked more up, then I would have reached my final destination..


thanks guys ! South Street. Ooh, I was way off. 


Damn ! I went there at 8 p.m. and couldn't find the lunch wagon trucks. Like they all disappeared or something. Instead, all I saw was a big haunted house (warehouse) nearby the newest Starbucks and BJ Penn (UFC) gym. Too late. I really wanted to checkout Lui Bueno's and Wamos Cookies. Oh well, there will always be next time then...


NSHnl:  where did the Asian Film Stars get their masks?  LOL

Melissa808 moderator

 @KevinSOshiro For real? They should have been there til 9. Were you at the right lot?

nonstopmari moderator

 @Melissa808  @KevinSOshiro there were there! i stopped by at 9. kevin, u were 2 blocks away. the address is always south street at halekauwila, def can't miss 40 trucks and booths on one lot! next time ;)


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