Did this: Yelp’s Holiday Hoopla

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Have you ever been to a Yelp party in, oh, say, a typical place? Like, somewhere you’d expect to have a party? Assuming you Yelp, as much of this town does, making Honolulu a red-hot Yelp site, the answer is no. And so you’d totally expect Yelp’s Holiday Hoopla this year to take place inside a luxury car showroom.

Which explains all the antlers and Santa caps at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu last night. And in typical Yelp fashion, elites and non-elites were treated to the likes of Mac 24/7, Paul’s Poppers, Bentos Mochi and Delectables, Aloha Pops, Wow Wow Waffles and other bites and sips, including a delicious coconut vodka that booted the merriment level to ultra-uber-fab, especially since it came in big cups.

The only requirement to get in, besides yelping, was a new, unwrapped toy for the Salvation Army or a donation for the Angel Tree, which also fulfills Christmas wishes for our kupuna. The gifts came by the hundreds. And that made it all a most excellent night.

Yelp's Holiday Hoopla

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'Twas the month before Christmas,


EO:  Did you happen to see my car there?  A white Mercedes with leather interior....LOL


great event. good cause. mucho aloha!


now tell me what it's gonna take to put you and this little SLK together and out the door. you've got me over a barrel, they are priced to move. 


Awesome pics Mari! You always seem to catch moments I don't see even when we're at the same event.

nonstopmari moderator

 @MyongChoi how to catch moments: group ppl together, yell 'LOOK HAPPIER!!', snap pic.