Did this: Punahou Carnival 2013

With a theme of The Great Carnival Round-Up, the Punahou Carnival got underway Friday with all the usual food and fun. After graduating from there just a few (too many) years back, I took a two-decade hiatus from the festivities while living on the Mainland, but now as a parent of a young Pun, I’m back on the carnival scene, which to be honest, hasn’t changed much from my teenage years.

Here’s how it went down for me… If you missed Friday, the carnival continues Saturday until 11 p.m.

Punahou Carnival 2013

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Arrived at carnival an hour before the 11 a.m. start to pick up my daughter. The first sight on upper field: "Huli-Huli-style" chicken from Koala Moa on the rotisserie.