Black Friday madness

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Seriously, what is the world coming to? Black Friday started so early this year, some people traded it for Thanksgiving, opting to scope out the sales around town (stores were open!) instead of sit down to turkey and all the fixings like in traditional times … you know, like last year.

From Ala Moana Center to Walmart to Best Buy to Pearlridge to the Waikele outlets, traffic was nuts and lines snaked. Here are selected scenes, via your Instagrams.


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Friday 6:46 a.m.#blackfriday #BFHI #hawaii #aloha #alamoana


After turkey meal I head to mall to work off the turkey meal.  Running around all over help.  I may or may not find what I want be it fun just shopping .  Husband at home laying on sofa doing nothing. 

nonstopmari moderator

@Annoddah_Dave @Amy1 u are v wise. But isnt parking a nightmare?


 @nonstopmari  @Annoddah_Dave  @Amy1  I am a urban hiker and would park car what ever spot far away and hike.  I sometime bring shopping cart with me.  This is how I stay fit.  Sometime I bring my folding bike A bike is small and folding slip into a bag when not using is great.