Something new: Hawaii Voice KTV & Lounge

For a place called Voice, I was left speechless. Located in the 808 Center near Keeaumoku, Hawaii Voice KTV & Lounge is a karaoke bar unlike any other in Hawaii. Air Park may have fancy touchscreens and Nocturna’s got video games, Voice’s claim to fame is its private themed rooms.

Pick a door. Any door.

Pick a door. Any door.

Each room has a unique theme and all are radically different from each other. You’re on the beach in one; next door, you’re sitting in a posh hotel suite. Overall, they’re going for the Asian nightlife vibe, you know, like Macau but in Honolulu. Minus the gambling.

Of course there are beaches in Hawaii.

Of course there are beaches in Hawaii.

With these rooms, I feel like Voice is really aiming for a different karaoke crowd. According to the staff, the proprietors want to attract mature and sophisticated karaoke patrons, 30 and up. Only time will tell if that will be the case, but based on the interior, they’re ready for them.

For when you're thirsty.

For when you’re thirsty.

In addition to the private spaces, Voice has a large, dimly lit lounge filled with seating, a bar and a stage. Although it is a karaoke bar, the stage is for live entertainment, which Voice promises to have nightly. Bad for people like me, who prefer singing karaoke in front of a crowd. Good for the crowd, so they won’t have to experience my tone-deaf voice. Plans are in the works for comedy night Mondays and open mic Wednesdays.

For when you're hungry.

For when you’re hungry.

If you’re a fan of hot pot or Chinese food, Voice has arrangements with their downstairs neighbor, Hawaii Pot Shabushabu House. Order food from their kitchen and have it delivered to you at Voice.

Grand opening is tonight, Friday, Jan. 29, and their liquor license should be in place by then, so prepare to let the drinks flow. I expect the place to be packed with mature, professional, sophisticated people. Parking is free valet, but don’t forget to tip!

No shoes. No shirt. No service.

No shoes. No shirt. No service.

See you there on Friday. If you want to hear me sing, you’ll have to figure out which room I’ll be in. Or you can just buy me a drink.

Hawaii Voice KTV & Lounge
808 Sheridan Street Unit 201
Honolulu, HI 96814

Mon-Thu – 5pm-2am
Fri-Sun – 2pm-2am

Small Room – 10-12 people, starting at $29.99/hr
Medium Room – 14-16 people, starting at $49.99/hr
Deluxe Room – 20-25 people, starting at $69.99/hr