Showdown in Chinatown May 2014

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We checked out Showdown in Chinatown May 2014 for the latest and greatest in last-minute movie making. Filmmakers had 96 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film of seven minutes or less. The aim is to improve the talent and strengthen the community within Hawaii’s independent film and storytelling network. This month’s event was held at 449 Cooke St. in Kakaako and featured a kickstarter bar, trampoline and popcorn station. The next Showdown in Chinatown will be held the second weekend of July. Visit for more information.

Showdown in Chinatown May 2014
Topic: Cause and Effect
Props: A wheel and fire
LOD: “But there is also a gray area my friend”

1st: Mindful Media Productions – Affliction
2nd: Jarah Productions – (un)necessary Detours
3rd: Diq Diamond – Choose

Showdown in Chinatown May 2014

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