What to eat at the Punahou Carnival

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Punahou Carnival is today and tomorrow, people, THE most buzzed-about carnival of the year, and for those non-veterans who haven’t mapped out their food priorities, we’ve got you covered. Just scroll down to the photo gallery below for best eats and tips.

But first, the deets:

When: Friday & Saturday, Feb. 3 & 4, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Where: Punahou School, 1601 Punahou St.
Admission: Free
Parking: Available in nearby lots for a fee

Special note: Scrip this year are worth 50 cents each, a departure from past years when they were worth 25 cents. The move is to cut down on paper and amount of scrip handled throughout the carnival. Some prices have gone up a touch; others have dropped a touch. But don’t worry: Malasadas are still 50 cents (1 scrip) apiece.

Punahou Carnival

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Tip 1: Go early, when the carnival opens. You may actually score street parking, and there are practically no lines at the two malasadas tents, especially if you're buying small amounts. Remember, we're talking 11 a.m. This may also be your only chance to snag some of that famed mango chutney.


Tip for enjoying cold malasadas the day after: Toaster over until crispy & re-roll in sugar. They're good as new! Gotta agree with you about the Teri burger - it's a must-eat for me, along with the Hawaiian Plate. The haupia was reeeally good!


Punahou Carnival. Good malasadas. But those damn kids on the PA system, every 2 seconds, screaming out those inane messages, drives me nuts.

Melissa808 moderator

@konaish You know, I IQF my malasadas and microwave them later...the sugar (for the most part) stays intact! no need re-roll, so you save on calories. Wellllllll sorta save. hahaha.