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Who has the best burger in Honolulu? It’s a debate that recently flared up, after The Whole Ox Deli, with new chef Justin Yu, revamped its burger and some foodies named it the island’s best. For many, the matter simply comes down to comparing the old Whole Ox burger with the new one, however, my search for the best burger in town yielded some surprising results.

My ranking criteria was simple. They had to be all beef burgers, no blends of other meats. That stuff is great for meatloaf, but I was looking for classic burgers. And, of course, they had to taste good. Being a baker, I could go on for days about the qualities of the perfect hamburger bun, but for the sake of this list, it was acceptable as long as the the bun was properly toasted and didn’t turn into complete mush while eating the burger.

Honorable Mention: Salt Bar & Kitchen’s Kulana burger is a close sixth!

Here is my list of the top five burgers in Honolulu.

No. 5: Downbeat Diner

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Whether before or after a night of drinking, Downbeat Diner's burger is a must during a night out in Chinatown.

Made with Big Island raised beef, this burger is great teriyaki or Western style with BBQ sauce, but I prefer the classic American with melted cheese.

Downbeat Diner
42 N. Hotel St.

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