Outrageous pork at Eat the Street

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It was mega-pork time in Kakaako Friday night, dozens of trucks and street food booths selling everything pork. Bacon pop tarts, pork belly bao buns, maple bacon gelato, pork-stuffed malasadas — and these in the photo gallery below, highlights of the theme.

For the second year running, ETS Pork Fest again proved to be one of the most popular themes of the year. If you missed it, don’t feel too bad: Next month ETS celebrates Oktoberfest, with promises of cheese and all kinds of sausage. Same time, same place: Sept. 28, always the last Friday of the month, from 4 to 9 p.m. at Halekauwila and South streets. See you there!

Outrageous pork

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If this pic had a talk bubble, it would scream, all caps: WE LOVE PORK

—Photo by Melissa Chang

Two pounds of carnitas burritos, 15 minutes, four brave souls

ETS debut: Wow Wow Waffle

Wow Wow Waffle

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First time to ETS, and a Honolulu debut: North Shore's new Wow Wow Waffle truck.


Did the burrito contest happen late?  I was there until about 8 and heard it may or may not happen 'cause they didn't have enough contestants or something like that.  Oh well I missed it.  Anyway the BLT Frites from Street Frites were good, also really liked Fairycakes' Pork Pop Tart and Aloha Pops' Piggy Pop.  Will be interesting to see how many vendors participate in next month's theme... 


pork: god's gift to mankind. belgian waffles however, are the work of the devil. i would sell my soul for a stack of them right now


EO;  Will the organizers ever require vendors to set up "snake lines"  so that it makes it less of a hassle to move around or cutting through lines?

nonstopmari moderator

 @Annoddah_Dave good suggestion! u shd stop by the streetgrindz booth next time and let them know :)