Our picks: Best sushi in town

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It’s International Sushi Day, so what better time that to ask our team of frolickers about their favorite places in Hawaii for sushi? We’re a diverse crew, and so are our opinions. Here are our favorite spots:

Grant Shindo: Sushi ii

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Grant Shindo: Sushi ii is my favorite sushi bar because it carries an impressive selection of fish ranging from shako with roe (mantis shrimp) to kan buri or hamachi belly (pictured). I've had some of the most adventurous meals of my life here, eating everything from firefly squid to "shirako" or cod sperm.

My favorites are kinmedai, which has a firm texture and unique flavor (golden eye sea bream, summer); seared engawa, which takes on a luxurious silky texture and reminds me of a perfectly seared fat cap on a perfect steak (outer fillet of the hirame flounder); Japanese snow crab with kani miso, which is packed with rich crab flavor. And kurage or jellyfish, which is crunchy with a nice clean finish.

Chef Garrett Wong is always cycling in new seasonal fish for diners and once in a while he challenges us at Frolic to an eating challenge

Sushi ii
655 Keeaumoku St.


So the light bulb finally went on for me.....  Eat sushi how the chef intended.  Never mind my small mouth, get the full experience on the joy of its intention.  Took me this long to realize that key point.  Maybe if I throttle back on the bevy I can visit Sasabune soon.  Thanks for the tip M.C.!


Fuud Reminds One Life Is Cool:  You guys are baaad!  Now I want to eat sushi!!!


@PMZ808 Thanks! I'm positive you won't forget your Sasabune experience.