Our picks: Best sushi in town

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It’s International Sushi Day, so what better time that to ask our team of frolickers about their favorite places in Hawaii for sushi? We’re a diverse crew, and so are our opinions. Here are our favorite spots:

Myong Choi: Sushi Sasabune

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Myong Choi: No shoyu for this one. Must eat when warm. Don’t bite sushi in half. Yes, some are turned off by the protocol of the infamous “Sushi Nazi” at Sushi Sasabune, but I personally don’t find anything wrong with maximizing one’s enjoyment of food by eating it the way the chef intended.

The fact is, I’ve had sushi at nearly every sushi restaurant in Honolulu, and yet, I still go back to Sasabune when my wallet allows it. As an engineer, I can really appreciate the precision and technique that goes into their sushi, resulting in the most pleasurable bites of fish and rice possible. And don’t forget, those rules only apply if you sit at the bar. You can eat your sushi any way you like at the tables. Just realize that you won’t be getting the full potential out of your meal.

Sushi Sasabune
1417 S. King St.