Eating local: Hawaiian Crown Plantation

You’d never know it if you passed Hawaiian Crown Plantation on Kuhio Avenue, but the store is owned by a local farmer and most of the products come straight from his farm. If you’re looking to eat and buy local products, this spot is a fresh little oasis in Waikiki.

Craig Bowden has been involved in Hawaii’s agriculture for more than 40 years, and his company has been selling pineapple at the Kapiolani Community College farmer’s market for about four years. After getting positive feedback from customers, he decided to open a store in Waikiki to expand on his offerings, with fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies, gourmet acai bowls, and plantation coffee with locally grown, Hawaiian Crown ingredients.

One of the neat things about his operation: Pineapples are picked to order for shipping. Bowden says that instead of picking large amounts of pineapple and waiting for them to ripen while waiting for orders, he keeps the pineapple on the plant until optimal harvest time, and sends his crew to pick as needed. This ensures the sweetest fruit possible.

Here are some scenes from the grand opening event the other day. If you find yourself in Waikiki, you might want to stop in and try something.

Hawaiian Crown Plantation

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If you don't live or work in Waikiki, Hawaiian Crown can be hard to find. The address is on Kaiulani Ave., but you'll find it on Kuhio Ave. It's a good place for refreshment after surfing, or a pick-me-up during the day. For tourists, it is a place to get local grab-and-go and gifts.

Hawaiian Crown Plantation
159 Kaiulani Ave.