Who makes the best ramen?

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My favorite ramen

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By Ed Morita

Ramen is the perfect comfort food, with slurpable noodles that satisfy your inner kid and broth that instantly warms your core or nurses a hangover after a night of partying.

Even after eating 27 different ramen for this gallery, I'm not tired of it. In fact, I had ramen for dinner the night I wrote this. But with the multitude of ramen places and myriad of variation here in Honolulu, it was difficult to compare, rate and rank them. For instance, Sansei's crab ramen with Asian truffle broth is probably one of the best ramen anywhere, but it's hardly fair to compare that to the offerings from a mom-and-pop restaurant on a side street in Kalihi. So to name the best bowl, I leveled the playing field and just ordered basic, bare bones char siu ramen without any fancy additions.

Here's what made my cut.



  1. [...] I did not try anything else, however Ed Morita from Nonstop Hawaii reviewed this place and said that fish tempura sandwich was one of the better items to order. I would agree with Michael Choy that Tanaka Saimin is not a place that would be my first pick. I would give this place 3 stars out of 5, nothing is out-of-this-world. I could not vote yay nor nay-Tanaka Saimin get and “okay” from me. For those of you that are craving for noodles, I would recommend Ed Morita’s review on ramen. [...]