M&M Eats: A North Shore adventure

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We made an excursion to the North Shore to check out the food truck scene there … beyond shrimp. What else is worth the drive? Come along as our tasting duo, Mari Taketa and Melissa Chang, hop in Nonstop editor Diane Seo’s car and head north on a foodie hunt.

Here’s a quick gallery of the food we ate.

M&M Eats: A North Shore adventure

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With the rise in popularity of food trucks, we decided to take M&M on the road for a closer look at a mobile food mecca: the North Shore of Oahu. We were curious to see what the country held for us beyond shrimp trucks. The thing is — as you'll see in the video — it's a little tricky to get two townies out of their comfort zone, even when their editor promises them a day-o-fun.