Eating Kalihi: Hidden sweets

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Sometimes, the best treats are hidden from view. Sometimes they come with the best stories and the nicest people. Here are five of Kalihi’s gems.

Hidden sweets

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Nisshodo Candy Store

What: Home of the legendary, pillowy pink-and-white chichi dango, plus all kinds of other traditional Japanese mochi and manju

Find it: Coming from town, go ewa on Dillingham, past Costco, and on the makai side of the street, when you see the last driveway before Kokea and the canal, turn in. The alley straight ahead won't look good, but stay straight until you see this.

1095 Dillingham Blvd. #109

Melissa808 moderator

I was wondering why the comments were coming in! I thought they were for the first blog. And lo & behold, here are new snax. Yay snax!


Eh, you sharing too many secrets! Nah, nah! Loved this blog :) Still a Kalihi girl at heart.