Bacon, mon amour

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Get ready for a major bacon frenzy, Honolulu: Eat the Street Bacon happens tonight, with 41 food trucks and street food vendors bringing out new creations featuring our favorite strips of salty, meaty goodness.

The baconfest kicks off at 4 p.m., with DJs spinning, live art by Lightsleepers and ETS’ first-ever bacon poetry contest. Here, tonight’s deets:

When: Friday, April 27 from 4-9 p.m.
Where: 555 South St. in Kaka’ako (at Halekauwila, kitty-corner from Restaurant Row)
Admission: Free
Parking: On-site and street parking

And here, a sneak peek at some of the dishes that pay homage to the swine. Warning: Portions of this gallery may be heart-stopping.

Paul's Poppers

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Bacon chocolate decadence poppers, 3 for $5

PP's newest creation brings together an Oreo and cream cheese base, melting semisweet chocolate chips and pulverized bacon for a chocolatey experience with a salty, meaty finish.

To see the full lineup, here’s the menu and guide.


when i was a kid i could eat only crisp, crisp bacon. now i don't care if it's fat and cold. how did the bacon revolution get started? and has it been atomized yet?

Melissa808 moderator

I looked at photo 11 and one thought came to mind: Mari Taketa, piggyfat should share!


You know what I'm talkin about! lol