Review: Robin Williams @ Blaisdell Arena

Thousands packed Blaisdell Arena Monday night to see Robin Williams during his final stop of his “Weapons of Self Destruction” world tour. From the moment he first stepped on stage, Williams had the entire arena laughing with his unique brand of observational humor, irreverent similes and off-the-cuff improvisations.

From Oprah Winfrey to Vice President Joe Biden to Sarah Palin to the Birthers, Quantas Airlines, raccoons, coyotes and platypuses, no one was safe from his witty, yet scathing remarks. Here’s a sample of his creative similes (that are decent enough to repeat in this blog): “George W. Bush as a motivational speaker is like having Lindsay Lohan as a guidance counselor,” and “Mel Gibson says things on voice mail that makes people with tourettes say, ‘Good one.'”

Showing his talent for unscripted humor, Williams turned his attention on a woman in the audience who had just returned from a trip to the concession stand. She had missed the entire bit about him receiving a new heart valve, so the audience laughed when she offered him some of her garlic fries. Williams then instructed the person in the seat next to her to fill her in on what she had missed. When she then offered him some of her beer, Williams responded with, “I’m an alcoholic, so I can either have a heart attack or fall off the wagon… Thanks.”

However, the best part of Williams’ show was his interplay with the sign language interpreter. Early in the show, Williams noticed a woman doing sign language for a group of deaf audience members. He started asking her what the sign would be for various dirty words and sayings, which became a running gag throughout the show. Williams frequently stopped in the middle of his jokes to see what the sign would be for whatever crude thing he said and mimicked it to the audience. There were several times during his set when he either apologized or challenged the interpreter by saying, “Lets see you come up with a sign for that.”

Last night, Williams proved he’s still as funny as ever. At the end of the show, everyone in the audience left buzzing about which punchlines they’d repeat to friends and co-workers. The only negative thing about the show was that it was a single engagement. So, if you weren’t one of the fortunate ones at Blaisdell Monday night to see one of the funniest comedians on the planet, you’ll just have to hope that he returns to Hawaii for his next tour.