Party pics: Renaissance Ball @ ʻIolani Palace

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The Friends of ʻIolani Palace hosted a Royal Ball and dinner at the Palace on Saturday night to raise funds for operations and special projects. The soiree, with entertainment by dancers, acrobats and musicians, was the first ball at the palace in over a decade, and strove to recreate the lavishness of balls held during the Hawaiian Monarchy. Although the ballroom was outside in a tent instead of in the Royal Ballroom, attendees, dressed in their best formal attire, still had fun dancing the night away with a live band.

Renaissance Ball @ Iolani Palace

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Love it! Nice pics, as I was on the grounds during the event, it gave me a sense of how grand it must've been when the kings and queens were alive hosting people from around the world, which the ambience of this renaissance ball captured

nonstopmari moderator

wow! not ur usual party, and have never seen iolani palace like this 0v0