Party pics: Grand Opening of Xscape @ Tsukiji

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Tsukiji Fish Market & Restaurant at the Ala Moana Center was packed all Friday night for the grand opening of Xscape, a new party by the promoters known for popular parties like (the former) Oasis at Oceans 808 and The Club House, and Prestige at Paparazzi. Level H Promotions, Artist Groove Network, Hawaii Pacific Entertainment and Furious Styles Productions have been listening to what the party people want, and it looks like Tsukiji will do a good job of filling many of the criteria.

The plus-side: Tons of free parking, a spacious, beautiful, multi-level venue with clear VIP section, dance floor, powerful air conditioning, six bars and a 4 a.m. closing time. The downside: You might spend a bit of time waiting in line, especially if every party is anywhere as crowded as the grand opening.

Take a look at the peeps we found at the grand opening!


Grand Opening of Xscape @ Tsukiji

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Congratulations!You had another great business venture here.Keep it up.


Obama, the Russian and Chinese Presidents tried to get in last night

but they weren't on the VIP list

Bouncer turned them away

they ended up at Mai Tai Bar

bought free drinks for everyone all night