Party pics: Gaudi @ NextDoor

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Electronica/world music/glitch veteran DJ Gaudi returned to Honolulu for the third time to play a show at NextDoor, bringing an eclectic, colorful crowd to the dance floor. He was joined by emcee and U.K beatboxing champion Danny Ladwa, and together the two put on a high-energy show that ranged from heavy bass reggae-inspired rhythms to harder dance music. Adding to the spectacle were trippy visuals by Vizual Cortex and members of Kalalea Firedance Troupe, clad in sexy outfits and feather mohawks, who put on a poi and hula hoop light show.

Earlier this week, we got to chat with Gaudi. Here’s our interview

Gaudi @ NextDoor

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Gaudi @ NextDoor