Party pics: Fringe Fest 2013: Saturday

We dropped in on the second day of Fringe Fest, a multi-genre performance art, music and dance showcase, to catch the performances Saturday night at Ong King, just one of the venues in  Chinatown hosting Fringe shows. Despite pouring rain, the venue was packed to the walls.

The night started off with The Mister Sister Mixer Fixer drag queen and drag king show, a hilarious and colorful round of skits featuring Rhonda Corner, Tita Titsling, Ong King’s own Shain Miller and La Femme Rikita, and concluded dramatically with KARDIA, a breathtaking series of dance performances arranged and choreographed by Michelle Poppler that dealt with the nature of the heart and letting go through contact improv, traditional dance forms and aerial dance against a backdrop of abstract and videotaped visuals.


Fringe Fest continues with its last day tomorrow; for a schedule and tickets, visit


Fringe Fest 2013

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Fringe Fest 2013