New(ish) eats: Pint & Jigger

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Over the course of several outings, the Nonstop crew tried out the food and drinks at Pint & Jigger, the latest in a series of gastropubs to hit the scene in recent months.

New eats: Pint & Jigger

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The latest in a series of upscale pubs to hit the scene in recent months, Pint & Jigger is driven by the influence of some serious masters of their crafts: Co-owner and mixologist Dave Newman, the former bar manager for Nobu Waikiki and current Chairman of the United States Bartenders' Guild Hawaii Chapter; beer consultant Jonathan Schwalbenitz, a 21-year veteran of Murphy’s Bar & Grill, and the joint's Executive Chef, the Michelin-starred Noah Blair, formerly of BLT Steak at the Trump Waikiki.

The Pint & Jigger crew have brought the concept of the gastropub as a place for high-quality beer and food into reality, and managed to create a casual yet classy haven with inventive, pub-inspired gourmet food, refreshing (and often rare) local, seasonal and craft beers on tap and the highest-quality cocktails, mixed to perfection. It's made P & J a popular spot among the pau hana crowd.

"We all have been in the restaurant industry and have traveled nationally and to other countries and tied in all the things we like," said co-owner Daryn Ogino. "The idea is for a patron to come into our bar and feel like, just for amoment in time, they are away from everyday Hawaii life,and in a New York, Hong Kong, Seattle or Oregon pub."

We went to check out P & J several times, citing the need for more research... but really just wanting to try everything that the spot has to offer; here's what we found.

Pint & Jigger
1936 S. King St.

Mon – Thu: 4:30 p.m.-midnight, Fri – Sat: 4:30 p.m.-2:00 a.m.,Sun: 4:30 p.m.-midnight