Kaka’ako mural by Estria and Prime

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In an effort to support Kamehameha Schools’ movement to raise art awareness in Kaka’ako, graffiti artists Estria Miyashiro and John “Prime” Hina began working on a new mural Friday near the former Pipeline Cafe.

The pair, part of 808 Urban, drew a lot of attention throughout the day as photographers and those working in the area came to watch them work. By late afternoon, word had even spread to trolley drivers, who altered their Ala Moana to Ward Warehouse route to allow tourists to see the new mural. Miyashiro and Hina will finish their part by early next week, but other artists will start adding to the mural on Monday.

Kakaako Mural

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Photo by Ed Morita


Love this! :)

johngarcia moderator

Great stuff, Ed! Super glad to see more of this in Honolulu. Big ups to Prime and Estria along with Jasper and the POW WOW crew for getting it done!

nonstopmari moderator

love that detail abt the trolley drivers. amazing work, down to the tendons on the forearms, but my fave part is the little guy wearing the fish.


So glad you were there to capture this work in progress from the beginning! Awesome work here by these guys and by you for the closeups and long shots of this amazing work!