New in town: Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu

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Hard Rock Honolulu

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By Ed Morita

Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu recently opened its new location at the corner of Kalakaua Avenue and Beachwalk in Waikiki. Being the music fan I am, I had to drop by to check out the cool memorabilia on display.

The new location is vastly different than the old Hard Rock on Kapiolani Boulevard. While the previous space looked like a dark, Mainland pub, the new location is much more open, bright and reflective of local culture.

Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu
280 Beachwalk

Guitar wall at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki


Sweet! I just heard the commecial on the radio and was like "What? Hard Rock moved?", although I've never been to our Hard Rock because it's location was kinda sucky. I kinda like the new feel of this new Hard Rock and might just make a trip out there to check it out.


So Ed you like the Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac too eh? Guess Hard Rock's jukebox doesn't go too deep into the annals of rock history. The old concert posters that the previous location had were great. I remember one for Led Zeppelin at the H.I.C. (now NBC) in 1970. Tickets were something like $5, wow. Anyway looks like the new place is worth at least one visit!

edmorita moderator

@808marv There are several things from the old location.

The wave theme in the restaurant is what inspired me to ask for Albatross.