Eat this: New lineup at Taste

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Every three months, Taste in Kaka’ako keeps it fresh by bringing us a new pop-up lineup. I sampled the new offerings this week and overall, I’m impressed with the talent in this rotation. Onda Pasta opens each week for Tuesday lunches, serving up fresh handmade pasta. Taste veterans Pig and the Lady are experimenting in a Tuesday dinner time slot, while Kiba Cafe serves up ethnic comfort foods for lunch on Wednesday. Chef Wade Ueoka, who spent many years working for Alan Wong’s Restaurant, is bringing fresh local favorites to his Thursday lunch, while Thai Spice Shack rounds out this quarter’s lineup by popping out of their truck Fridays for lunch service.

Taste Table

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The first week of the new rotation of chefs attracted quite the crowd.

667 Auahi St.

Melissa808 moderator

I just wanna watch you eat pre-dinner dinner and post-dinner dinner at Taste!


WOWWWW! Pig and the Lady is a fav of mine. The eggplant dish looks awesome! I like the mix of healthy and savory offerings at Taste! :D 

Grant Shindo
Grant Shindo

@russkar For sure! Really solid newcomers to Taste. Really excited for this quarter and I am sure we will be having lunch there quite a bit.

Grant Shindo
Grant Shindo

@jlieu Pig and the Lady is amazing as usual. Always looking forward to their nights at Taste!