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Art & Flea: Ugly Sweater Party

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Tis the season for the third annual Ugly Sweater Party at Art & Flea, and here's your chance to prep for Christmas by breaking out the fugliest sweater you can find. Join the contest and win prizes, or enter the Egg Nog and Cookie Challenge (sounds delicious!), and do some last-minute shopping at all the local vintage, craft and art vendors.

Fresh Cafe; Thursday, Dec. 20 at 5 p.m.; $3, $2 with a wacky holiday sweater; all ages

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I would have gotten her a kukui nut lei from Hilo Hattie's but she already had leis on (like at any Hawaiian high school graduation). If she received too many leis, then you would not be able to see her face. She would be just covered in flowers !


Went to Super CW's Last Ever party; she was in the DJ booth with the Knocks; DJ Soundcheck was there earlier. Got to mingle with the local fashion designer Matt Bruening. It was loud, the bass was pumping; couples, young college crowd, skaters, b-boys and everybody in between was there to celebrate Christa's b-day, her decade of decadence (Nightlife Diaries blog) and at the same time, help Pow Wow Hawaii 2013. Oh yeah !!!