Did this: Whole Foods Kailua soft opening

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We took a VIP tour of the new Whole Foods Kailua during Sunday’s soft opening, with a block party afterward showcasing products from the store. The tour and block party were open to invited media and those who signed up on the Whole Foods website. The store’s emphasis, like other Whole Foods locations, is to provide fresh, local produce and partner with local vendors like OnoPops, which will be opening a shave ice booth inside the store. The grand opening for the store, located at 629 Kailua Road, is Wednesday, April 18.


Whole Foods Kailua Soft Opening

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One thing Kailua residents are excited about (and the first thing you see when you walk in the door) is the bar/pizza station, with local craft beer on tap. Psst, happy hour will be from 4-6 p.m. daily, with selected beer on tap for $2.


is WF going to revisit the plans to open in Kakaako? and at the rate Kapolei is growing i'd think they'd consider a leeward side store too but idk if 4 stores could be sustained. here in SoCal, WF has had to become more competitive than before. there are so many levels in the market. if you stay with WF's 365 in house brand you can match Trader Joes. with so much time on our hands, Inez and i spend a lot of time shopping everywhere from little mexican stands and hole in the wall indies on up. she went to WF two days ago, ''for a civilizing experience". ps. is it dragon fruit season yet? ; durianally, your friend turk.