Did this: The Sake Shop’s Meet the Brewers

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The Sake Shop’s Malcolm and Nadine Leong coordinated a rare event Wednesday, bringing together five of Japan’s most prominent brewery presidents for a public tasting at the Plaza Club. A crowd of 80 lucky attendees got to sample 16 different sakes plus a bonus “not sold in stores” treat.

The curated number of labels made the tasting targeted and manageable. I started with the lightest of ginjos and worked my way up to the robust junmais. Light bites were provided by the Plaza Club. After sampling the quality sake amid a laid-back atmosphere, we wondered when the Sake Shop would organize its next Meet the Brewers event.

Meet the Brewers

Malcolm and Nadine Leong of the Sake Shop organized the event. The spectacular range of sakes and knowledgeable brewery presidents made for an excellent evening at the Plaza Club.

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