California trippin’

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It always trips me out to visit a place with actual, clear-cut seasons. Yes, I know, that’s just about every place but here. Still, when I go to California in the spring, it’s with a happy heart and an appreciative photographer’s eye that I admire all the green and bright colors that weren’t there during my last trip in the fall. Spring is when I want to take all the back roads and slow down to catch the sights. Never mind that I arrived in the middle of a cold spell (highs in the 50s, lows in the 40s); I’d gladly freeze to get out of the car and capture some of this stuff.

For this week-long trip, I stayed in Northern California for a while before heading down the 101 to Santa Rosa, and from there, about five hours south to San Luis Obispo.

Now that the jet lag’s over and the lack of sleep has been made up for, here are a few of the experiences, new favorite eateries and scenery I wanted to share…

All photos are taken with a Canon S95 point & shoot.

California tripping

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My first stop was to visit my mother in a little town northwest of Sacramento. It's the kind of tiny mountain town with only one business, a general store. Although it was cold, the mountain was in full bloom.