A Christmas gift idea with heart

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Kathy Sills has heart. She had a dream about an ice pop tricycle and made it come true, crafting local fruit and chocolate ice pops by hand and selling them from her tricycle-driven cart. She did this while running her small cafe at the Mission Houses Museum, she did this while caring for her sick husband, she did this through the closure of that small cafe.

The only time she stopped was when police cited her for doing business this way, and then Sills fought back, pulling her son out of school on afternoons when she testified before the City Council to ask them to change the law, figuring he could get no better lesson in civics (and the pursuit of dreams). Together with Poni Askew and Camille Komine and others including some of you, who came out to City Council on those afternoons to show your support, she helped change that law, which is why you see food trucks on Honolulu’s streets today.

So now, as sometimes happens in the life of a fledgling business, Sills’ pops are taking off, but she can’t afford the capital to keep up with demand. She needs $7,500 for a machine that will speed up production, and that will help her expand with a second tricycle. I found out recently she has a Kickstarter campaign (I know, I’m slow) with nine days and $5,200 left to reach that goal.

I’m bringing this up not just because Sills has heart or because she helped save the food trucks, but because Christmas is coming and you can give Aloha Pops vouchers as gifts. It’s a neat equation. Two dollars will get you a voucher for one pop. Twenty-four dollars will get you three pops, an Aloha Pops T-shirt and stickers. Seventy-five dollars will get you a box of pops, delivered to you or shipped anywhere in the U.S. Or you can include them in pretty much every gift on your Christmas list, as I am, by pledging $99 for 54 vouchers redeemable anywhere you see the Aloha Pops tricycle.

Here’s Sills’ glorious bacon pop, made with a single meaty strip baked crisp, dipped in dark chocolate and encased in a creamy fudgsicle. And here’s her chocolate peanut butter bar, my nutty-chewy fave (she uses chunky peanut butter). Her other best-sellers are pineapple li hing, passion orange guava and Green River. Among kids, it’s blue vanilla.

But here’s the catch: As with other Kickstarter campaigns, the $2,300 pledged so far will disappear if Sills’ $7,500 goal isn’t met by Dec. 15. If you believe in any of what she stands for, or even if you just need stocking stuffers that are locally made and yum, please click here to support.

nonstopmari moderator

 @Soos2005 aurite soos!! just had kathy's passion orange guava pop the other day, took me back to small-kid time ;)