Best of Nonstop: Fried chicken

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There’s nothing more decadently delicious than fried chicken, and to us, these places just do it right. Vote now »

Hawaii's Fried Musubi

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There's something about a product called "Mama's Home Made Fried Chicken," especially when Mama is right there making it. Julia Vong — a.k.a. "Mama" — makes a mean chicken plate, with moist pieces of drumsticks and wings in a light, crispy, tasty batter. We can't quite place the spices, but they're amazing.

Hawaii's Fried Musubi
777 Ward Ave.

— Photo by Catherine Toth

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Hey @Melissa808 if you went to Ray's Cafe, did you go around the corner to Nanding's Bakery? The fresh out of the oven Spanish Rolls can't be beat!

Melissa808 moderator

@harrycovair I did! Timing was bad, tho, between batches of rolls. I quickly bought the day old one, but not.the.same.